Family serving Christmas dinnerOne reason the holidays are so wonderful is that you often have a chance to spend time with friends and family. One reason the holidays are often stressful is that you have a chance to spend time with friends and family. That’s true whether you’re hosting your friends and family or whether you’re the guest, particularly if the visit includes an over-night stay.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder but the emotion is quickly spoiled when an in-law walks in on you in the bathroom without knocking. The wonder of the season is also dampened somewhat when your Father keeps you awake to the wee hours sawing logs in the guest room. And when your sister starts telling you, “You’re not cooking that right,” well, let’s just say that you might give her a very ‘special’ smile.

The best way to fully appreciate holiday reunions is usually by allowing everyone to maintain a degree of privacy. That’s easily done when guests have somewhere else to stay overnight. After all, do you really want to see Uncle Herbie wandering down the hall in the morning in his underwear?

If guests have their own place to stay, such as at the WATERFRONT HOTEL AND MARINA, where Chapel Hill Road crosses the Fox River in Johnsburg, they can wander around the room with or without their underwear and no one will care.

By maintaining that simple degree of separation during the visit, everyone benefits. If you’re the host, you benefit because your schedule is not demolished in an effort to be a good host. If you’re a guests, you don’t feel out of place or in the way.

The host can set the time for guests to arrive. Guests will show up a short time before dinner is ready and, in both cases, there’s no need for the tension that tends to grow when friends and family try to fit together in living arrangements tightly squeezed under the same roof.

For your guests, if you’re the host or hostess, of for you if you are the guest, your private hotel room allows you to come and go as you please. At the WATERFRONT HOTEL AND MARINA, it also means that a comfortable room and bed are clean and waiting without your host having to fuss.

The WATERFRONT HOTEL AND MARINA provides a flat-screen television where guests can watch what they want when they want. They also have Wifi access, a small refrigerator – perfect for short visits – and a microwave. The cost is surprisingly reasonable considering the amenities offered at the hotel. Additionally, sitting on the bank of the Fox River provides guests with a relaxing and rustic view outside